Briahna Knowles is a proud mother of two, who’s an educator, registered yoga teacher, and a group training coach. She’s a native Detroiter who has a strong passion for removing all barriers that hinder our community from the benefits of fitness. After losing both of her grandparents in 2015 to pre-existing conditions, she started her health journey and lost 65 pounds in less that four. months. Her devotion and passion for fitness drove her to become not only a yoga instructor but an educator to the mind, body, and soul. 

         Today, Briahna is the founder of the Hype Wellness Group, collective of wellness professionals who concentrate on the physical and emotional benefits of fitness. The Hype Wellness Group offers personal and group training, adult yoga classes, children's yoga program, and mindfulness development for professionals. Throughout your journey with the Hype Wellness Group, you will explore mind and body connection, patience, self-confidence, and team-building exercises.